I Am My Own WifeI Am My Own Wife is a truly wonderful piece of theatre with one man playing just 37 Parts!The fascinating, true story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf.Celebrated museum curator, survivor of a brutal childhood and successful navigator of both Nazi and Communist regimes, her life spans 50 years of the most difficult and shameful periods in 20th Century Europe.  Charlotte’s survival is a complex saga of courage, self-discovery, dedication and heartbreak made even more remarkable as Charlotte was born a man.  Her steadfast refusal to compromise her values and identity made her an inspiration for many but a target of vilification for others.Doug Wright’s play, written for one actor who portrays Charlotte and the vast array of characters involved in her life, won both the Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize when it was first staged on Broadway.  It’s a truly extraordinary piece, and one that is not easily forgotten. Unusual Theatre has already been lucky enough to produce this play at New Wimbledon Studio where it picked up its first 4 star reviews. We are looking forward to bringing this unusual show to the Edinburgh Fringe.

 A Different Way HomeThis deeply moving and astutely observed play, we hear two monologues from two members of a family in a small, closely-knit, North of England town. In Act 1, Leslie, who has lived with his mother all of his life, narrates the events leading up to her death, unwittingly revealing the extent of his loss and the bitterness towards his sister, Maureen, who lives nearby but is not in touch.In Act 2, we learn from Maureen that Leslie succumbed to his grief and excluded her, and we hear her side of the story - feeling rejected by her family and friends because she married a Jew, she feels betrayed for not being asked to help when needed.The two voices convey the need for families to communicate, and for love to transcend prejudice.''A Different Way Home started life as a short radio play. It was subsequently televised by Granada Television in front of a small studio audience. Such was the reaction that it was then extended into a double bill and premiered at the Oldham Repertory Theatre where it received best actor and best new play for the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards. From this production it then enjoyed a highly successful national tour. I am proud to be associated with the development of this play, and to count Jimmie Chinn as a truly great writer and friend.''